GOP “Debate”

After the grueling 3 hours of banter between the top republicans over who can lie and bribe the public more “effectively”, Carly Fiorina has moved up in the poles to second place. The disgruntled Donald Trump did not hesitate to attack her on her previous business experience as the ex C.E.O of H.P. Accusing her of “running the company into the ground” by expanding the company too quickly then hitting the tech crash, causing a massive H.P. liquidation. She responded with “we doubled the size of the company”. Donald Trump responded with “the company [HP] was a disaster”

While the two discussed both business ventures during the “debate”, Donald Trump missed the point on all of this. The fact that Carly Fiorina was able to expand her company so quickly makes her a great politician. The fact that she was capable of expanding her company, means she can expand government. If elected, she can continue to expand the government right on track and will not hit that pesky market to restrict the growth.

Since the government has free access towards monopoly power, and does not require on bending towards consumer demand, means she will no longer need to worry about hitting a tech bubble to stop her expansion from occurring. However, not one candidate even discussed the fact that the Fed was adjourning to discuss the raising of interest rates!

Considering the fact that the Fed will not raise interest rates, means that dollar devaluation will continue to flourish. Initially, the access to easy credit is there for investors. This means that the traders within the stock market are still able to leverage debt continually on top of previous financial assets, which will speed the ultimate fall of the US dollar.

The fact that not one single nominee even discussed this, shows the complete lack of care the runners really have towards how devastating this can be for our standard of living. Leveraging debt on top of other highly leveraged debt, has caused a leverage effect. When the dollar fails, that will liquidate a majority of US financial assets, due to highly pyramided debt, which is based on a US Dollar, that is quickly being devalued.

All we need to stop this from occurring is to replace the dollar with specie. Seemingly since the leverage ratios are so high, no one will replace the dollar with specie. This is the inevitable destruction of the dollar, the fact that Carly Fiorina is excellent at expanding business, and excellent at missing the mark on bubbles, makes me wonder that if she is elected will she expand the government even more in the face of this currency bubble, like she did with HP?


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